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Pirates from the Horn of Africa have just stolen a cargo ship from the Norwegian government that was on course to Somali territory. Curiously, despite the grand theft, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg chose not to comment on it, as did his entire government. Immediately the United Nations  became suspicious about this behavior and carried out an urgent investigation into the matter. The researchers presented letters and contracts by groups outside the law located in the African Horn with the Norwegian government.

The international community put the focus on this problem. Vladimir Putin and Donald J. Trump in a joint press conference called the Norwegian government double standards and terrorists, since for years the international community has participated in the fight against piracy. In the same conference, the American and Russian governments demanded that Jens Stoltenberg assume responsibility of his actions and resign.

Shortly thereafter, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on the topic, supporting the Somali government, alleging that the communnity is distancing itself from the problemof piracy and abandoning Somalia bacuase of the Norwegian government’s actions.

The hackers group Anonymous has brought to the light of day that the govenrments of The Ivory Coast, Poland, The United Kingdom, and Ethiopia are equally involved

The international community is completely shocked by the events which were only recently published without full understanding of the situation. It is said that the governments of Trump and Putin are at the point of strongly declaring themselves against these events and carrying out multiple actions.

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